Since established in the early 2012, Gates Egypt has provided the local and regional markets with the highest quality and Specialized Business solutions.
Our focus on our relationship with our clients, suppliers, and the industry has placed Gates Egypt one of the most trusted & talented company in the region.
We recognize that our success depends on the success of our clients.
Therefore, our key aim is to add real value to each of our clients’ businesses through Marketing, developing, designing, Consultancy, and installing customized offers according to their unique needs while striving to exceed expectations.
We take pride in realizing the maximized return on our clients’ investments.
Founder & CEO


Gates Egypt
Founder Word
Gates Vision
Our Vision is To become one of the most successful and respected Company in the Projects Management, Real estate, Marketing, Business Development, Interiors’ & Exteriors’ Design, Constructions with a full services of specialized in the world.
We examine the site to discover its limitations and possibilities, and then consider these features alongside the environmental, geographic, cultural, and behavioral context before offering Business concepts to our clients.
Once a selection is made, we begin the Development, research, experimentation, and creation.
Each member of our diverse employee and architectural team to offers their specialized expertise to collaborate on and cover all the facets of a project, From the concept of Projects management, development, design stage to construction supervision.

Gates Mission
Management, consultancy, marketing, development, and design, to fulfill customers’ unique needs and striving to exceed their expectations.
Our mission is to collaborate to create innovation Idea’s , high quality management , unique marketing & Developing idea’s for business , designing places, not just buildings, and to transcend the standardized typologies and preset criteria of superficial, Residential, commercial architecture.
We understand that a good creator of engineers, marketers, developers designers & Employee not only creates beautiful spatial experiences but also enhances Business with modern vision to firm be founded on.

Gates Values
• Leadership: The courage to create best solutions.
• Collaboration: Leverage collective genius.
• Reliability: Long lasting solutions and partnerships.
• Passion: Committed in heart and mind.
• Diversity: As inclusive as our brands.
• Quality: What we do, we do well.
• Safety: Our priority all the way.
• Green: Environment protection is our responsibility.

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